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Rules of the Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs

Version 4.8, approved at AGM 20/3/2018


1.1 The name of the Association shall be the Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs hereinafter called the Association.

1.2 The Association is a Regional Association recognised by the Motor Sports Association (MSA).

1.3 In this document, “in writing” is used to mean “in writing or by email”.


2.1 The objects of the Association are:

2.1.1 To ensure that a long term plan for the development of motorsport in Scotland is produced and to assist the MSA and other relevant organisations in the delivery of the plan.

2.1.2 To facilitate consultation, discussion and liaison between Member Clubs, the MSA, the Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU), Associations of Motor Clubs and other relevant organisations on matters of mutual interest and concern;

2.1.3 To assist, support and advise Member Clubs on the organisation and promotion of motor sport events;

2.1.4 To represent the interests of the Member Clubs;

2.1.5 To co-ordinate a calendar of events within Scotland;

2.1.6 To encourage the procurement and maintenance of venues, equipment, expertise and other facilities;

2.1.7 To organise and promote Championships as appropriate from time to time;

2.1.8 To arrange and promote Training events for the Member Clubs and others where appropriate;

2.1.9 To organise and promote other initiatives that may further the interests of Motor Sport, the Association, the Member Clubs or their members;

2.1.10 To foster the well-being of Motor Sport, the Association, the Member Clubs and their members, and to consider any matters of mutual concern, inside and outside Motor Sport.

2.2 The Association has a Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy which is attached as Appendix A


3.1 Membership shall be open to the following, which operate within Scotland, or are otherwise deemed appropriate, subject to the provisions of 3.3 below.

  • Any motor sport club
  • Any car enthusiast club
  • Any regional centre of a motor sport or car enthusiast club
  • Any group of motor sport or car enthusiast clubs. Membership is only granted to the group and not to the members clubs of the group who may apply for membership of The Association in their own right.
  • Any motor sport championship
  • Any organisation which is a MSA Recognised Body.

Such members shall be known as Member Clubs. The inaugural Member Clubs are listed in Appendix B

3.2 Member Clubs wishing to apply for a permit (or waiver of permit) to organise motor sport events, or wishing to have their members invited to compete in events open to members of The Association’s Member Clubs, must be registered with the MSA.

3.3 New Members:

3.3.1 Any application for membership shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Association.

3.3.2 Such application shall be considered by the Association at the next General Meeting.

3.3.3 A representative of the applicant Club may be in attendance at the General Meeting to describe the Club and answer any queries about the application.

3.3.4 The General Meeting, having considered the application, will then vote on acceptance of the Club into membership. The application shall be decided by a majority of voting delegates. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Officers shall not have a vote by virtue of their office.

3.3.5 A club shall not become a member until the membership fee for the first year is paid. The fee for a full year must be paid, regardless of the time of year that the club applies to join.

3.3.6 In addition to the membership fee for the first year of membership, a new member club will also be required to pay the fee for the second year by 1st September of the first year, or incur a late payment surcharge.

3.3.7 A club may submit a membership application during year one, stating that they wish to become members from year two. The application may be approved at a general meeting during year one, and the club will become a member from January of year two, provided the full membership fee for year two has been paid in advance. No membership fee will be charged for year one.

3.4. If a club gives the Association written notice of resignation, effective during the current year, no refund of all or part of the membership fee for the current year will be given.

3.5 If a club gives the Association written notice, before 1st September, of resignation effective during or at the end of the current year, no membership fee or late payment surcharge will be due for the following year.

3.6 A club which has been deemed resigned for non-payment of fees will not be re-admitted to the Association until all outstanding fees have been paid. Re-admission will be at the discretion of the Association.


4.1 The Association shall hold at least four Ordinary General Meetings annually. The interval between Ordinary General Meetings shall normally be not greater than four months. The dates of these meetings shall be scheduled in line with those of the MSA Regional Committee and shall be distributed to Member Clubs by the Secretary as soon as practicable following the publication of the annual MSA meetings calendar.

4.2 Additional Ordinary General Meetings may be called either by the Chairman and Secretary or by an Ordinary General Meeting if urgent business requires such a meeting before the next Regular General Meeting.

4.3 An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held each year and will normally be followed immediately by an Ordinary General Meeting. The AGM should normally be held by the end of March, but in any case it must be held within 18 months of the previous AGM. Six weeks notice of the AGM date will be given by e-mail and an agenda for the AGM will be likewise given at least two weeks prior to the meeting, stating what officers are due to be elected or re-elected.

4.4 Twenty one days notice shall be given of all General Meetings, and 42 days for an AGM, by email unless extraordinary circumstances apply.

4.5 A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called either by the Chairman and the Secretary, or by written request to the Secretary from at least three Member Clubs.

4.5.1 Special General Meetings should normally be held within twenty eight days of the receipt of a complete and valid request (i.e., from at least three clubs) by the Secretary; except when a later date may be requested by, or agreed with, the clubs, e.g., to allow the SGM to be held on the same date as another GM.

4.5.2 The notice of a Special General Meeting shall include the Agenda for the meeting.

4.5.3 A Special General Meeting is limited to the business of the agenda.

4.6 A quorum at a General Meeting shall be five, comprising at least two officers and three voting Member Club delegates.

4.7 Alternatively, urgent business may be transacted by electronic means, e.g. by email, web conference, or conference call, provided that all Member Clubs are given an opportunity to respond to the debate and to take part in any vote.

4.7.1 Any business conducted by electronic means shall be notified to the next General Meeting.

4.8 Member Clubs wishing to include items for discussion or resolutions to be debated in the agenda for General Meetings must send these in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting.

4.8.1 Exceptional Items may however be introduced to the agenda at the discretion of the Chairman.

4.8.2 Resolutions must be proposed by a Member Club and seconded by another Member Club.

4.8.3 Proposing and seconding Member Clubs submitting such a resolution must be present to speak in support, failing which the resolution will be considered to be withdrawn.

4.9 Each Member Club shall be entitled to be represented at all General Meetings by up to four persons appointed by its own committee but only one delegate may vote to express the views of that Member Club.

Member Clubs are required to notify The Association annually who their delegates are, and their order of precedence – which one delegate is entitled to exercise the club’s vote if more than one delegate from that club is present. The preferred method of notification is on the Club Representatives form, but other written means are acceptable. In the event that the club fails to notify the Association, or in case of a dispute between delegates, the vote may be disregarded.

4.10 Any resolution, other than one relating to a change of these Rules under Rules 8.1 and 8.2 below, shall be decided by a majority of voting delegates. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Officers shall not have a vote by virtue of their office.

4.11 The normal method of voting at meetings shall be by roll call. Alternatively, the Secretary is empowered to conduct a vote by electronic means under Rule 4.7. However, any Member Club may request that any vote should be conducted by secret ballot. The vote to select the proposed nominee to Motor Sports Council under Rule 5.9 shall always be by secret ballot, as shall the election of any Association Officer under Rule 5.3 if there is more than one candidate. A Guidance Note for the Secretary on the voting process is included as Appendix C.

4.12 The appointment of the Member Club Representatives including the Voting Delegate shall be the sole responsibility and prerogative of the respective Member Clubs.

4.13 The MSA shall be entitled to be represented at all General Meetings, and to receive the minutes of all General Meetings.

4.14 Not withstanding 4.9, Member Clubs shall be entitled to appoint a Proxy in respect of any Resolution. Any such Proxy appointment must be sent in writing to the Chairman or the Secretary prior to the Meeting, or delivered in writing to the Meeting by any other person present.

4.14.1 E-mail messages to the Chairman or Secretary shall be acceptable, provided that the Chairman or Secretary is satisfied that they are bona fide.

4.15 Each Member Club represented at a Meeting shall have the right of veto in respect of any Resolution that arises during such Meeting Any Member Club Delegate may exercise this right of veto by informing the Chairman before a vote is taken that he wishes to refer the Resolution to his Member Club Committee for guidance. No vote shall then be taken and the Resolution shall be placed on the Agenda for the next Meeting and put to a vote thereat, no further veto from any Member Club then being valid in respect of that Resolution.

4.16 “Dates” will be an Agenda item at all Ordinary General Meetings, in order to resolve clashes of date, venue and route.

4.16.1 Member Clubs attending the relevant Meeting will have priority over Member Clubs not attending.

4.16.2 Dates submitted and agreed at any meeting will take precedence over dates submitted later.

4.16.3 A Member Club delegate must be empowered to negotiate on dates, venues and use of maps.

4.17 Member Clubs may request the Chairman to invite a guest to attend a General Meeting from time to time.


5.1 The Officers of the Association shall comprise: the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Calendar Manager.

5.2 All Officers shall be members of a Member Club of the Association.

5.3 The Officers shall be elected at the AGM.

5.3.1 The Chairman and Secretary shall be elected for two years and the Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Calendar Manager shall be elected for the alternate two years to provide continuity. Retiring officers may seek re-election but no officer should serve more than four continuous terms in any one position.

5.3.2 If any of the Officers’ posts becomes vacant during the year, a General Meeting shall have the power to appoint a replacement. Such person shall continue in office until the next AGM.

5.3.3 Any such post shall then be filled for the balance of the original period at the subsequent AGM to maintain continuity.

5.4 In the event of a nominee Officer not being present when nominated, written proof of his or her willingness to be nominated shall be provided at the Meeting.

5.5 The Officers, and the Chairmen of Standing Committees, shall form the Executive Committee of the Association.

5.5.1 The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association between General Meetings

5.6 The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the Minutes of all Meetings, and all other correspondence and documents pertaining to the Association, excepting that for which the Treasurer is responsible.

5.7 The Calendar Manager shall publish a list of all known events planned by Member Clubs. It is the responsibility of Member Clubs to advise the Calendar Manager of their planned events including dates and locations/routes. The Calendar Manager will then endeavour to resolve any date and route/venue clashes. The ultimate responsibility for date selection rests with the Member Club taking due account of any advice given.

5.8 The Association shall at a GM appoint two persons to the posts of MSA Regional Committee Delegates.

5.9 The Association shall at a General Meeting select annually a person to be nominated to the MSA as the Home Country Member for Scotland of Motor Sports Council.

5.10 The Association may at a General Meeting select persons to be nominated to the MSA as suitable for membership of the Motor Sports Council Specialist Committees, Advisory Panels and their Sub-Committees.

5.11 Only bona-fide members of any Member Club of the Association are eligible for the above posts, unless specific consent of the relevant General Meeting is given to the contrary.

5.12 The call for nominations from Member Clubs must be included with the agenda of the relevant General Meeting. The selection timetable must be such as to allow the Secretary to advise the MSA of the nominated delegate before the cut-off for consideration of appointments to Motor Sports Council and its Committees for the following year.

5.13 The Association may at a General Meeting appoint persons to the following posts and others as from time to time agreed:

  • Discipline Co-ordinators;
  • Training Co-ordinator;
  • Student/Young Peoples Representative;
  • Women’s Representative;
  • Publicity & Communications Co-ordinator;
  • Web site Co-ordinator;
  • Delegates to other relevant bodies.

Only bona-fide members of any Member Club of the Association are eligible for the above posts, unless specific consent of the GM is given to the contrary.

5.13.1 Elections to these posts are also subject to 5.3.2 and 5.4 above.

5.13.2 These persons shall report to the GM

5.14 The Association may create Committees with specific terms of reference.

5.14.1 The Chairman of a Committee shall be appointed with the consent of a General Meeting.

5.14.2 The Chairman of a Committee shall report to General Meetings.

5.14.3 After their specific tasks are completed such committees shall cease to exist.

5.14.4 Such committees shall have the power to co-opt additional members, subject to ratification at a subsequent General Meeting.

5.14.5 If their task is not complete the committee shall be subject to re-election at each subsequent AGM.

5.15 The Association may at a General Meeting appoint persons to the honorary posts of President and Vice Presidents. Holders of these posts will have no voting rights but may attend meetings and speak. These posts will be held for a period defined when elected. The main purpose of this group is to supply advice and counsel to the Association Executive and Association member Clubs and in general to be ambassadors of the sport in Scotland.

5.16 The Association shall create Standing Committees to assist with the development of motor sport in Scotland. The Chairman of each Standing Committee shall be appointed at a General Meeting and shall report to subsequent General Meetings

5.16.1 Membership of Standing Committees shall consist of (1) the Chairman as appointed by General Meeting, (2) those appointed to the relevant posts detailed in Rule 5.13. and (3) co-opted members who need not necessarily be members of a Member Club.


6.1 The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the Association and shall maintain records of all income and expenditure. He shall prepare a brief financial statement for each General Meeting.

6.2 The financial year shall run from the 1st January to the following 31st December. The Treasurer shall prepare a Statement of Accounts for the financial year. He shall arrange for this to be independently inspected before the Statement is presented to the AGM.

6.2.1 An Independent Inspector will be appointed by the AGM.

6.3.1 Cheques for amounts less than £250 may be signed by any one of the Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary, Vice Chair, or Calendar Manager.  Cheques for amounts of £250 or more shall be signed by two of the Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary, Vice Chair, Calendar Manager.

6.3.2  Payments by online banking for amounts less than £250 may be made by one of  the Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary, Vice Chair, or Calendar Manager , but for amounts of £250 or more, written approval (e.g. by email) is required from a second one of those officers.6.4 Annual Subscriptions and any other fees deemed appropriate, shall be fixed each year at the Annual General Meeting for the following year, and shall be due for payment by 1st September of the current year.

6.4.1 The Treasurer shall invoice Member Clubs by either post or e-mail on or before 1st April. Such invoice shall be sent to the last known address for the Member Club Treasurer or such other person as nominated by the Member Club.

6.4.2 Each club is required to inform the Association of the name, address, email address and phone number of the Club Treasurer or other such person, and the club is responsible for any undelivered invoices or overdue payments resulting from a failure to do so. 6.5 Any Member Club that has not paid its subscription for the following year and/or any other fees by 1st September of the current year shall incur a late payment fee in addition to the standard fee. The late payment fee shall be 50% of the normal fee unless otherwise set at the AGM. The club will not be included in the Association’s Blue Book listing for the following year

6.6 Any Member Club that has not paid its subscription for the following year and/or other fees by 31st December of the current year shall be deemed to have resigned from the Association at that date Any invitations to the club’s members to compete in events via the Association will be void, and the club will not be readmitted to the Association until all outstanding fees have been paid.

See also section 3 Members


7.1 The Association may promote Championships in a variety of motor sport disciplines.

7.2 Discipline Co-ordinators shall be elected as in 5.13. They shall be responsible to the Association for the running of their respective championship.

7.3 A Committee may be formed to support the Co-ordinator. Generally the Co-ordinator shall be the Chairman of such a Committee and report on its behalf to the Association at General Meetings. The Chairman of such a Committee will not become a member of the executive solely for this reason, 5.5 notwithstanding.

7.4 Each Co-ordinator shall publish Championship Regulations as soon as practicable and at least two weeks prior to the first event of the Championship. These Regulations shall be subject to the approval of the Association at a General Meeting and shall be subservient to these Rules.

7.5 Only events run by Member Clubs shall be eligible for inclusion in Association Championships.

7.5.1 Such events shall be run in accordance with the MSA Regulations, the SACC Championship Regulations and any guidelines that may be appended to these Championship Regulations

7.5.2 There shall be written agreement between event organisers and the relevant Championship Co-ordinator before the inclusion of an event in such a Championship shall be valid. Email agreement shall be deemed to be valid.

7.5.3 The inclusion of events in the Association Championships shall be at the sole discretion of the Association.


8.1 The Rules of the Association may only be changed at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. Any proposed change or addition shall be notified to all Member Clubs at least 21 days before the date of such meeting. The notification must include the actual wording of the proposed insertion/change/deletion.

8.2 A change of rules shall only be approved if two thirds (disregarding any fraction) of the Member Clubs represented and voting at that Annual or Special General Meeting vote in favour.


Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy

  • The welfare of children and vulnerable persons is paramount.
  • All children and vulnerable persons whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity, have the right to protection from abuse.
  • All suspicions and allegations of inappropriate behaviour will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 years shall be considered as a child for the purposes of this document.


INAUGURAL MEMBERS of The Scottish Association of Car Clubs

The following are the members of the Association at inauguration:

55 Car Club

63 Car Club

750 Motor Club

1400 Rally Club

Aberdeen & District Motor Club

Berwick & District Motor Club

Bo’ness Hill Climb Revival

Border Ecosse Car Club

Caithness Car Club

Caledonian Classic & Historic Motor Sport Club

Coltness Car Club

Dunfermline Car Club

East Ayrshire Car Club

Edinburgh University Motor Sport Club

Glasgow University Motor Club

Glenrothes Motor Sport Club

Grampian Automobile Club

Hawick & Border Car Club

Highland Car Club

Highland Speed Championship

Lanarkshire Car Club

Lothian Car Club

Machars Car Club

Monklands Sporting Car Club

Mull Car Club

RSAC Motorsport

Saltire Rally Club

Scottish Hill Rally Club

Scottish Land Rover Owners Club

Scottish Off Road Club

Scottish Motor Racing Club

Scottish Sprint & Hillclimb Championship

Scottish Sporting Car Club

Scotia Cross Country Motorsport Club

Solway Car Club

South of Scotland Car Club

Stonehaven & District Motor Club

Tay 4x4 Off Road Club

Wigton Motor Club


Guidance Note – Voting

If there is general verbal agreement to a proposal, the Chairman may ask if there are any objections, and if there are no objections, can declare the resolution passed unanimously, without a formal vote, i.e., Voting by Roll call or by Secret Ballot or by Electronic Voting, all as described below. However, a formal vote will be held if requested by the voting delegate of any club.

Voting by roll call – The Secretary should use the Attendance Sheet for the meeting and ask a delegate from each attending Member Club in turn how they wish to vote. The option to abstain should be allowed. Any valid proxies under Rule 4.14 should be determined before voting commences. Similarly any Member Club whose voting rights have been suspended under Rule 6.6 must be identified before voting commences. After each Member Club entitled to vote has done so, the Secretary should announce the result. If a tie is called, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Voting by secret ballot – The Secretary should prepare ballot papers showing the voting options with boxes available for each Member Club to indicate their voting intention, including the option to abstain. As with roll call votes above, proxies and suspensions should be identified prior to the voting process commencing. Once the number of valid votes to be cast has been established, the Secretary should pre-number sufficient ballot papers so that there is one paper per expected vote. The voting delegate from each Member Club should then be called forward to collect a numbered ballot paper and their name ticked off against the list of voting clubs. Once each club has cast its vote, the ballot papers should be gathered in and a check carried out to ensure that all pre-numbered papers have been collected. The Secretary and at least one other independent Association Officer should then count the votes cast and announce the result.

Voting by electronic means – The Secretary should send details of the vote only to the Secretary of each Member Club entitled to vote, requesting a response within 14 days. Each Club Secretary should respond using the same message subject string indicating his/her club's voting intention (including abstention). Once all replies have been received (or the 14 day voting period has expired), the Secretary should announce the result to all appointed delegates by e-mail.

Each club is required to inform the Association of the contact details - name, address, email address and phone number - of the Club Secretary, and the club is responsible if failure to do prevents the club from being notified of a vote.



Type of Meeting


Notice to Clubs

Agenda Issued

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

One per year,
within 18 months of previous AGM

6 weeks

2 weeks

Ordinary General Meeting (OGM)

At least 4 per year.

Additional OGMs may be held as required.

3 weeks

2 weeks

Special GM (SGM)

As required
Normally be held within 4 weeks of receipt of confirmed valid request, unless a later date is requested or agreed by the requesting clubs/officers.

3 weeks

3 weeks