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Marshalling and Safety Cover


The start marshals turn away as the Subaru launches off the start line and the stones fly.

In the background, spot the Rescue Unit (looks like an Ambulance) from the Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club, the Land Rover Recovery Unit, the safety radio marshals car, and the Stage Commander with the cool hat. There will be a doctor or paramedic there too, in the Rescue Unit or a separate vehicle parked behind it. There is a team like this at the start of every stage, and another one mid-stage if the stage is longer than nine miles.

Marshals issue the competitor's stop time at the end of the stage.



The finish crew write the stage finish time on the competitors time card, and check whether the previous car (noted at the stage start) has arrived safely.



Sometimes, despite taking all precautions, it can all go pear-shaped even when driving down a straight road. A suspension failure put this car in the ditch. Fortunately for the navigator as she climbs out of the rear window, the water level in the ditch is low.

On this occasion the spectators got there first and the marshals are still running. Nobody hurt except in the wallet, the warning triangle and OK board will be displayed as soon as the crew can fish them out.


Photos © Lock Horsburgh


Volunteers In Motorsport Banner

Volunteers in Motorsport can help you get involved as a marshal, timekeeper, technical official or in many other roles. The perfect way to get close and really enjoy the sport and a disability doesn't necessarily stop you being involved.

Whatever your chosen area is within Motorsport, Volunteers in Motorsport can help you get involved whether it's Car Racing, Bike Racing, Rallying, Karting, Sprints, Hillclimbs, Off Road events, Trials or Autotests, and many other forms of motorsport.

The ViM site has a wealth of information about every kind of motorsport, training days, videos about marshalling, directories of specialist officials like Timekeepers, Scrutineers, Radio Coordinators, Rescue Units, Recovery Units.

To explore this great resource, just click on the picture below.

Image of marshals round a sports car, linked to the Volunteers In Motorsport site

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