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Chairman's Newsletter September 2012

I have received a letter from Colin Hilton which says:

May I thank you on behalf of both myself and Tom for your warm welcome and kind hospitality at
the SACC meeting Tuesday evening. I really do feel that great progress is being made both with the
SMS roll out and much strengthened SACC following the East – West merge.

Schedule of Regular General Meetings:

The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 6th November 2012
After your responses to the questions about days and dates of meetings we have set the following
for 2013: 19th March; 18th June; 17th September; 19th November.
These dates are the third Tuesday of every third month (except the last – I am sure you don’t want a
meeting that late in December). The AGM will also take place on 19th March.
I will try to arrange for Cheryl Lynch to attend on 19th March or if not then one of the later dates.

Prospective New Member Club:

I have to report that I failed to bring the following to your attention. On the day of our recent
meeting I received an e-mail from West Cumbria Motorsport Club. This was the details of an
application for membership which has been going on for some time. Below is a description of the
Club from this e-mail. Unless anyone objects I propose we should accept this application for
membership. Please contact me by 15th September if you have any objections to this club becoming
a member of SACC. I will ask the Secretary to look after this topic in future.

About WCMC: West Cumbria Motorsport Club are a small but very active motor club. We are one of
three clubs that run the Malcolm Wilson Rally and are proud to have Malcolm Wilson himself as our
president. We also run our own rally, the Greystoke Stages as well as several autotests, PCTs, 12 cars
and scatters throughout the year. We have members in all forms of motorsport ranging from local
autotests to the WRC and have a good mix of older and younger generations.
We use the Shepherd's Hotel just outside Cockermouth as our base, holding social events and AGM
there and hold our annual awards night in Workington. We produce a monthly magazine for our
members to keep them up to date with what the club and its members have been on with - most
weekends we will have a crew out somewhere in the country meaning there is always something
going on. We try and offer something for everyone and hope that the spectrum of our members
proves that we do this.

Contacts: Chairman: Russell Grant 07706788152; Secretary: Sam Steel 07595222065; Treasurer: Pearl Wilson 07810550271; Web Admin: Dan Hurst 07858880511 Website:

Scottish Motor Sports:

Thank for the welcome given to Tom Purves (Chairman) and Paul Carlyle from SACU. I know some of
you made useful contact with Paul. I am sure we should develop the relationship with SACU which
should bring benefits to both sides.


The members of SMS are Tom Purves (Chairman), Rob Hardie (Secretary) and: Robbie Allan (SACU),
Paul Carlyle (SACU), Sandy Denham (SMRC), George Donaldson (Rally), Fiona Dally (Visit Scotland)
Bruce Lyle (Council), Hugh McCaig (SMRC), Alan McNish (SMRC), Roger Reed (SACC), Robert Reid
(MSA), Jillian Shedden (Knockhill), Ben Taylor (MSA), Rod Taylor (ASKC). I am sure you will know or
know of all these people. All have been personally invited to join SMS. SMS is currently hosted by
sportscotland. Already SMS is proving to be a useful forum for meeting people and networking.

The prime project at the moment is to get Motor Sport recognised as a National Performance Sport
in Scotland. A paper to be presented to sportscotland is in preparation.

The members of SMS have been split into five working groups with specific projects to look after.
Assessing Requests for Support: Robert Reid and Paul Carlyle
Helping Clubs through Structures: Bruce Lyle and Roger Reed
Assisting Commercial Entities: Hugh McCaig and Paul Carlyle
People Development: Robert Reid and Rod Taylor
Communication: Robert Reid (with Ben Taylor)

Finally SMS is talking about an annual conference as a means of two way communications with
everyone in motor sport in Scotland.

SACC Matters:

Bruce Lyle and his Way Forward Group were left off the Agenda for the recent meeting. Bruce hopes
they can present a paper to the next meeting. We need to consider where we would like to be in
five years time and to put in place a development plan to achieve this. Below are some topics which
should be considered all of which are being considered by the Way Forward Group.
OBJECTIVES – What do clubs need from the Association? We are providing the two way
communication path between Clubs and the MSA. Are there any other organisations with which we
need to be in touch? LARA is one example. Clearly SMS will be useful once established.
SUCCESSION – We need to bring some younger people into the Association. Do we need to
introduce assistant/training posts to the structure to force the pace. We also need to find a way to
keep the experience we already have on board.
MEETING FORMAT – We are still experimenting with the format of regular meetings. The round
tables are good for small meetings and socialising but I wonder if everyone heard everything said
last Tuesday. Obviously written reports save time at meetings. The new dates will give me more time
to write and circulate my report on Regional Committee. Do we need to set dates for submission of
reports to give members time to read them before the meeting.

Please talk to Bruce or me if you have any ideas on these topics.

I am happy to discuss with you any SACC or SMS matter and try to answer any questions you might
have. One of the problems I have is that I do not want to bore anyone but remembering who knows
what is difficult.

Roger Reed, Chairman.