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Motorsport CV

Portrait of Aggie Foster


Competition Licence:  Rally International
Extensive Pacenote experience (numeric or descriptive).
Experienced in the preparation of management / service schedules.
Rallied in UK, Eire, Europe, Africa and Australia.
MSA Licensed Rally Clerk of the Course       
UK Club Steward.


Nationality    British

Occupation    Education Officer (Special Needs)

Education    Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies

Contact    Email


1985 – 1993    Circuit marshal – various duties, mainly flag marshal.

1986 – 1996    Competent Road Rally navigator competing in Inter Association Road Rally Challenge on two occasions and organising team on one other.

1991    Peugeot Challenge – Co-driver.  The Challenge provided an excellent co-driver package and introduction to stage rallying, and enabled me to upgrade my licence to international status.

1992 – to 1994    Various single and multi venue stage rallies.

1995 – 1999    Historic Rally Championship (inc RAC International Historic).
3rd overall, 1st in class in 1999 championship.

1999 – present    Organise and deliver Co-driver Masterclass presentations giving either private tuition, or tutoring groups of novice and more experienced competitors.

2000    Diploma in Sports Psychology.

2000 – present    Mix of modern and historic, national and international rallies.  BWRDC Rally Co-driver Champion 2000/01/02/05/08.

2001    FIA European Rally Championship – ADAC 3 Stadte Rally – Best Female Crew

2002 – present    Club Steward

2002    Classic Adelaide – 2nd in class (and “Most Spectacular” award)

2003    Coronation Rally – 1st Overall
    Ulster Historic Rally – 1st Overall
    World Cup Rally – 6th Overall

2004    WRC Rally Catalunya – 1st in class

2005    World Cup Rally (London-Dakar) – Survivor!

2008    MSA “Women in Motorsport” Panel appointment
MSA Licensed Rally Clerk of the Course



Born and brought up in Scotland I am fiercely proud of both my heritage and sex.  It’s only recently I’ve realised how much my mum’s attitude and approach to life have shaped me.  Mum did not wait for Equal Ops legislation to come along – she became the first female licensed radio amateur in Scotland.  I was brought up believing there’s no such word as “can’t”, and you only fail if you don’t at least try.  At 12 years of age I was already playing football for a teacher training college, and representing my secondary school at hockey.

My interest in motorsport began by spectating at motorcycle and rallycross meetings at Cadwell Park, and events such as the RAC Rally.  Spectating soon developed into marshalling.  I have visited many race circuits as a certified flag marshal, and continue to travel all over the country to help with rally stage starts/finishes, or as radio operator.

I joined Lincoln Motor Cycle & Car Club and very quickly found I had an affinity with OS maps gaining recognition as a competent Road Rally Navigator and experienced my first taste of overseas motorsport in Northern Ireland representing ANEMMC in the Inter-Association Road Rally Challenge.

MSA Licensed Rally Clerk of the Course, with experience in all aspects of organising championship Road and Stage Rallies.

British Rally Championship Car 0 (safety) in MSA Rally.

In my role as Club Secretary and a director of the motor club I have worked closely with both the local Planning Authority and Valuation Office to secure the use of a disused quarry for motorcycle trials.

I have helped organise a Ladies Driving Challenge which raised £12500 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Regularly approached by team managers / championship organisers to sit with and develop the skills of novice drivers.

Recently I have been appointed to work alongside the Association Chairman (ANEMMC) to produce a 5 year Development Plan for the Association and its member clubs, identifying and developing initiatives to enable motorsport at all levels to move forward during that period and beyond.

“Losing is not an option” according to the T-shirt, but that doesn’t mean there can only be one winner.  The winners are those who have a go and achieve a personal goal.  This applies equally to life and motorsport.

As a professional rally co-driver I endeavour to encourage and enable others to take part in motorsport by passing on my experience – particularly through co-driver tuition and mentoring.  For a number of years I have organised and delivered Masterclass presentations (timing, navigation, road book, stage etiquette etc.) either giving private tuition, or tutoring groups of both novice and more experienced competitors.

My ongoing involvement with the MSA’s “Women In Motorsport” initiative and election as the British Women Racing Drivers’ Club Rally Secretary has put on a more formal footing what I believe I have been practising for a number of years, namely providing both encouragement and information to females of all ages who have an interest in motorsport and may wish to become more involved.

I have been lucky enough to be able to compete for many years (modern and historic, clubman to international, Adelaide, Binbrook, Catalunya, Dakar…) and continue to derive so much pleasure from my sport.


Aggie in Adelaide


•    Year out to rally in New Zealand / Australia / Asia Pacific championships
•    Obtain motorcycle licence
•    Regularly Co-drive in the European / World Rally Championship
•    Further develop provision of co-driver training at recognised Rally Schools
•    Explore rallying opportunities in USA
•    Compete in Rallycross
•    Continue to encourage and enable others to take part in motorsport
•    Try white-water canoeing
•    Maybe even passenger in a sidecar outfit (scary!)

Suzuki Swift Jumping


Girl in a male dominated sport – advantage or disadvantage?
I certainly don’t consider being female in a male dominated sport to be a disadvantage, but then I’ve never viewed life or motorsport as a male/female thing – if you want to do something then just go and do it – ask advice from others along the way, and remember that a smile and good manners cost nothing.

A day to do anything I like and money’s no object, what would I do?
No Problem!
The Safari Rally, or Rally New Zealand, sat next to Michèle Mouton, please.
Just to sit in with her on those stages would be simply awesome!!
– to do it in competition would be something else.
.........Where do I sign?